Review: Planet Fish for the Wii Ware April 4th Update

Wii Ware Game: Planet Fish
Publisher: Ludia
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Wii Points
Controller: Wii Remote

Planet Fish for the Nintendo Wii. Available via Wii Ware for 500 Wii Points.

Planet of Fish is a simple Wii Ware game in which you travel side to side in a "Pocket Sub" collecting different fish with some type of grappling bubble system. Shoot out a bubble using the constantly swinging pendulum like aim and hope your timing is correct enough to encase the desired fish. Then reel the fish back into the sub by holding down the A button. I must admit at first it felt more like I was piloting a underwater UFO and was abducting the poor fish with my space ships tractor beam. But once you get the capture system down you're find yourself being able to tease and make smaller corrective movements to get the bubble in just the right spot to grab that lone holdout hiding in a rock crevice.

When you capture a fish it becomes unlocked in your collection and in turn becomes available to be added into your personal Planet Fish aquarium. The maximum number of fish that can be placed in the aquarium is 20. There's also unlock-able objects that are placed in your aquarium to spice it up visually. Items such as a classic treasure chest, sunken airplane and a T-Rex fossil. The aquarium modes back ground music can get repetitive after a while because there's no way to change it. The view is also locked in place. If your looking to buy this game just for the aquarium feature, I'd check out My Aquarium on Wii Ware before dropping the Wii Points.

Planet Fish Personal Aquarium Video :

Planet Fish definitely falls into the causal game genre but it does requires just enough skill in the later levels to add some challenge and limited re-playability. Tho the lack of a more advanced scoring system really hurts. The pass or fail levels are based off each type of fish being assigned a star value. Starting at half a star and going up. To pass a level you just need to acquire enough stars. No numerical point system or time bonuses. Younger kids will have fun on the earlier levels snagging a fish or two and releasing them into their personal aquarium.

If your household is a fan of a causal games this might be one to buy. But in the end there are other Wii Ware titles that will give you much more value for your 500 Wii Points.

Plus + : A easy to pick up causal game for the entire family. Educational factoids about the various fish. Younger gamers my overlook the lack of depth.

Minus - : Shallow scoring system. Aquarium feature lacking. Music get's repetitive fast.

Additional Media:

Planet Fish for the Nintendo Wii

Planet Fish for the Nintendo Wii

Official Game Overview:

"Ready, aim and fire!" suction bubbles from your underwater craft to trap fish to display in your personal aquarium. Catch and collect exotic fish in colorful deep sea environments like the Gulf of Mexico, the Ryukyu Islands, the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, and more. Try to avoid obstacles and dangerous species lurking in the depths to sabotage your quest to grow your aquatic collection with beautiful marine life from around the world.


• Navigate through 30 unique levels of play, each with unique challenges and obstacles. Watch out for jagged surfaces, dangerous jellyfish, paralyzing algae and much more!
• Collect dozens of spectacular fish from different regions including the Great Barrier Reef, Gulf of Mexico, Mid-Atlantic Ridge and more!
• Win bonus collectible fish as you advance in the game.
• Show off your fabulous fish collection in your personal aquarium.
• Unlock animated Trophies with each region that you successfully complete.

How to Play Planet Fish Video

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