1992 Famicom Journal Magazine ( ファミコン通信 Famicom Tsūshin ) Novelty Capcom Playing Cards

Capcom Playing Cards Box Front

Capcom Playing Cards Box Front

Ran across and bought these novelty Capcom playing cards a few weeks ago on ebay. At 2x3 inches the cards are smaller than your standard playing card. They are also made from a light card stock that doesn't seem like it would handle much play time. Functionality aside its still a cool little piece of capcom video game merchandise from the early 90's to add to the collection.

I will defer to the sellers description for more details on these cards.

This deck was a prize or bonus item from a Japanese video game news magazine, Family Computer Magazine, known today as Famitsu. It includes images from Capcom's four biggest titles of 1992: Mega Man 5, Street Fighter II, Breath of Fire, and Final Fight 2. Each card has its own image on the front, with each of the four games getting one suit. All 54 cards are in the deck and in great shape, including two joker cards. On the box and the back of the cards is an illustration by the famous creator of Mega Man/Rockman, Inafune Keiji, who is credited in many games he worked on as INAFKING. The deck is titled CAPCOM Best Kyara Toranpu.

It also looks like the card art contains Firebrand / Red Arremer. Possibly referring to Gargoyle's Quest II which was released by Capcom for the NES in 1992 or Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (1991 SNES).

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