Tengen Tetris Sealed in box with Six Copies Parts #301004-0112

box tengen tetris

Looking for a sealed Tengen Tetris to add to your collection? A loose Tengen Tetris cartridge will run you $60+ in today's market. Here is six sealed complete games. Buy it now is set at $7,500. Best offer is available.

From the listing:

New Nintendo 6 pack of games shown. This pack has been opened and possibly but no games have been taken out. I assume it was opened to verify the contents as they are a more valuable game. It must have been that way when I bought it because I did not open it. I have dozens and dozens of 6 packs for snes and nes still sealed to sale. I opened some in the past few months to auction off games individually which I was quickly told not to do anymore by a collector. The games I listed from those 6 packs were the best quality games I have seen to date. 90 grading from VGA. I have since been told that ones on the edges can be of slightly less quality (maybe 85 from vga) but cannot verify that because all of the games from the 4-5 other 6 packs that I opened were in perfect shape and I have not graded many of my games. This pack is opened and there is a very slight dent on the bottom front left corner (not sure if it damaged the game) I was still told not to remove that game to check it by another collector.

I honestly do not know the value on these so I am open to offers. I came up with this number solely based on other Ebay listings. If the 6 packs turn out not to be worth more than individual games I will be selling them individually at .99 just like all the rest.

Tengen NES AC Adaptor

Tengen AC Adaptor for the NES

Tenegn AC Adaptor for the NES

Tengen, the makers of Tetris, also had a line of Tengen Video Game Accessories. This listing on ebay features a factory sealed Tegen NES AC Adaptor. You rarely see these pop up on ebay opened and it's even more uncommon to find a factory sealed copy. Buy it now is set at $125 US with free shipping.

Via: Ebay , gameSniped

Tengen NES AC Back of Box

Tengen NES AC Back of Box