Super Star Wars Comes to Wii Virtual Console

Super Stars Wars for the Wii

Super Stars Wars for 800 points

The first of a series of star wars games for the SNES Super Star Wars has finally made the long trip onto the Wii virtual console.  Originally released mid 1992; the game featured Luke and his journey from Mos Elis to the trench run on the death star. From what I remember when I first bought the game in 92, it was not the most forgiving game and several levels had its share of bottomless pits to stumble into. All three games shared a similar art style and pulled from the Star Wars universe pretty successfully.

Uncharted Waters – New Horizons – Wii Virtual Console Game

Uncharted Waters - New Horizions

Uncharted Waters - New Horizions

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
Publisher: Koei
System: SNES
Original Release: 1995
Genre: RPG/Simulator
Wii Points: 800

New for April on the Wii Virtual Console is Koei's SNES seafaring RPG/Simulator Uncharted Waters 2 - New Horizons. Control one of six different captains as you take your own path towards success on the high seas. Trading, sailing, combat and exploring give you plenty of replay value.

Earthbound On Wii a Copyright Nightmare

Earthbound on the Wii?

Earthbound on the Wii?

The SNES game Earthbound was released in '95 and has gathered many hardcore fans over the years. Even though its a popular classic it has yet to show on Wiis Virtual Console as a download. One issue is the use of copyrighted material in the original game; something that gave it charm but has also caused alot of legal hangups for having it re-released. Earthboundcentral has a great look at some examples of the problems they had when they were getting it released to an american market the first time around.