Bubble Bobble Part 2 Prototype NES

bubble_bobble_part_2_prototypeBubble Bobble Part 2 Prototype

Rare Bubble Bobble Part 2 prototype from Taito America Corp. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Currently listed on eBay for a US $2,999.99 buy it now with best offer option available. A loose cartridge of Bubble Bobble 2 is currently clearing $300 on ebay and recent sales show a mint complete in box version close to the $1,000 mark. Would be nice to know if this prototype as any differences from the official release as that would warrant a premium price.

From the listing:

Thank you for your interest in the very rare bubble bobble part 2 prototype. At this time, there are 5 known prototypes to exist, so do not miss your chance to add this to your collection.

A friend in high school gave this to me a few years back. Their father worked to write NES books back in the early 90's.

This game is tested and works in my top loader (see pictures above.)

Thanks for looking and good luck

On eBay: Pocky & Rocky Prototype for the SNES

pocky rocky prototype1

Pocky & Rocky sample cart for sale on ebay. From the listing:

Selling a Pocky and Rocky cart, one of the very first ever made. When you go to the opening menu it flashes "SAMPLE NOT FOR SALE" on it. As you can see the front of it has some scuffs/scratches but the back doesn't have that type of damage. But it does have is what looks to be a old 90's price tag. I could have removed the old price tag and replaced the front cover with a fresh looking shell but I wanted to preserve the integrity and originality of the original shell, and leave it to the purchaser whether he would like to replace it to make it look brand new or not. I also have not cleaned the pins, as you can tell in the photos, again I wanted to leave that option to the buyer, but it has worked first try every time. This game does not have a save function, but it has a battery in the battery slot. I have tested the battery with a voltmeter and it still holds a great charge.

Current buy it now at $599 US.

Check out the listing!

Sold on eBay: Prototype Magic Johnson’s Basketball Tiger LCD Game

Prototype of the 1992 Magic Johnson's Basketball Tiger LCD Game

Prototype of the 1992 Magic Johnson's Basketball Tiger LCD Game
Ebay Seller:

Ran across while doing a price check on some Tiger LCD games.

A prototype of the 1992 Magic Johnson's Basketball Tiger LCD Game. The listing sold through Aug 08, 2012 for $499.99. According to the listing this pre-production handheld was autographed by Magic Johnson at a event for the games launch. This promotional copy of the game lacked any working electronics and was just a empty shell with the art and buttons glued into place.

Looking at it I gotta say that I actually prefer this prototype versions art work to what made it into the final production run. Though I like how they changed the buttons to match the Lakers purple and gold in the retail handheld.

Magic Johnson Basketball

Magic Johnson Basketball as Released
Photo from the ebay store:

From the listing:

Prototype of the 1992 Magic Johnson's Basketball Handheld Video Game. As you can see in the pictures there are no labels above the center 4 buttons that there would be on a production model, or any copyright information printed on the bottom of the cover under the 4 center buttons.

There are no electronics in the prototype (see pics) only the per-production front cover, game background, and simulation play screen. The buttons and screen are hot glued into place by Tiger to be taken out and promoted. This game was taken to the showroom in the Toy Building in New York City for the launch of Magic Johnson's game, which he attended and signed the game at the launch. Magic Johnson is shown in the Monday, February 10, 1992 edition of the New York Times (#48,872) being named MVP of the 1992 NBA All Star Game. This happened within days of the signing of this Tiger Electronics game.

Screen Close Up Prototype Magic Johnson's Basketball Tiger LCD Game

Prototype Magic Johnson's Basketball Tiger LCD Game Screen Close Up
Photo via ebay seller:

Prototype Magic Johnson's Basketball Tiger LCD Game Handheld Inside

Prototype Magic Johnson's Basketball Tiger LCD Game Handheld Inside
Photo via ebay seller:

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