Interview with Vectrex developer Alex Nicholson

An interview with Vectrex homebrew developer Alex Nicholson from 2006; always interesting how people get into homebrew development for classic systems.

The Vectrex is an 8-bit video game console that was released in 1982. It had its own monitor, so finally Mom and Dad could fear the Russians on the evening news in peace while you pretended to be a space ship, a vacuum cleaner, or even more unlikely, someone racing in the Tour de France. CGE stopped making Vectrex units in 1984.

Alex Nicholson is a retro programmer from the United Kingdom and has released Logo for the Vectrex…in 2006! Alex’s release includes a physical cartridge, an overlay, printed instructions and a perfectly designed box.

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New Ghost N Zombie Game for the Colecovision

Ghost N Zombie for the Colecovision

Ghost N Zombie for the Colecovision

You have to hand it to the homebrew community for developing games for decades old consoles. Buying the actual game to stick in your colecovision will set you back $60 and only 25 carts are being made. Might be a thoughtful gift for that Colevovision collector on your Christmas list?

Mad Bodies: New Atari Jaguar Homebrew Video Game Release

The folks over at 3D Stooges Software have just released their Atari Jaguar game Mad Bodies. Mad Bodies has breakout style gameplay mixed with some shooter mechanics.

MAD BODIES features include:
10 stages of non-stop, world batting/shooting action
Multiple power-ups and weapons
Graphical special effects including morphing, scaling and screen quake
Stereo soundtrack
Unique sound samples and digital speech

It's been a while since we've seen a homebrew release for the Jaguar so it's nice to know that people are still developing homebrew games for this classic console. This Atari Jaguar game can be yours for $80 plus shipping. Visit for more purchase details.


D-Pad Hero New Game for NES Emulators.

D-Pad Hero for the NES

D-Pad Hero for the NES

D-pad Hero is a free NES Rom that introduces Guitar Hero play style to the 8 bit NES engine. Perhaps it will be made into cart form at some point, that would be sweet.

D-Pad Hero In Game

D-Pad Hero In Game

Download Here