Classic Video Game characters in a Running Foot Race

Resident Evil 2 PS1 Intro HD

Opening movie from the survival horror game Resident Evil 2 for the PS1 system. The game has sold over 4.96 million copies while being ported to the Dreamcast, Gamecube, N64 and PC soon after it's release. The game takes place in Raccoon City where the residents have been turned into zombies by a biological weapon called the T-virus. A classic, creepy zombie game to fire up during the Halloween weekend.

What really happens to a ricocheting Koopa Shell?

What happens to that ricocheting Koopa Shell trapped between two pipes in Super Mario Bros.? College Humor takes a look at the consequences of a innocent seeming game play mechanic.

Angry Video Game Nerd highlights his NES Collection

James Rolfe, of Angry Video Game Nerd fame highlights his NES Collection. Showing us the different types of Nes carts in his collection and his pet peeves when it comes to collecting Nes titles. NSFW due to some language.

Vectrex Games In Action

Some neat videos of classic Vectrex Games. My favorite is moon lander, although I tended to crash and burn pretty badly.