Sega Genesis Radica 6in1

Sega Radica 6in1

Sega Radica 6in1

Another Plug n' play console revisit is the Sega Genesis Radica, this ones a little different because most of the components sit in a miniature genesis system. Amazon thinks its takes batteries but the ebay auction lists it as having AC power. Maybe it has both.

The one currently on ebay looks to be in pretty good shape, with some tag residue on the controller. The Sega Genesis Radica has been released in several different versions. Including a streetfighter one.

The games that are included version shown are:
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
The Ooze
Gain Ground
Ecco the Dolphin
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

RCA Studio II Console For Sale

RCA Studio II Box

A RCA Studio II For Sale

If your looking to pick up a RCA Studio II game system this might be one to look at. Includes the box and the game Black Jack along with the 5 built in games.

Find it on Ebay.