Closer Look: Akumajō Densetsu

Akumajō Densetsu or Castlevania 3 to us North Americans.

Nintendo commonly made changes to Japanese releases for the NES while preparing it for the North American market. Those changes didn't stop at translating a game into english.

Some noticeable differences between the NA and JP versions:

-The female statues in stage 8 are partially nude in the Japanese game. Like other castlevania games, statues were covered up for the American releases.

-The final form of Dracula is more challenging in the North American release. His attacks are more frequent and from more varied angles.


80’s Style Gaming with Retro Game Challenge on the DS

A Wired Game Life video review of the current Nintendo DS release of Retro Game Challenge. Retro Game Challenge finds you completing classic gaming challenges presented by the gaming master. Based off of the Japanese tv show Game Center CX. These aren't old re-released famicom games but are newly made ones specifically for this DS release. Some of the retro genres covered include; a side-scrolling platformer, a top-down view racing game, 2-D shooter and a decent sized rpg.

Via: Retro Game Challenge Official Site , Game Life

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GameCenter CX – Subbed in English

GameCenter CX is a "man vs video game" tv show from japan. The host stays in a room with the goal of completing a chosen classic video game in one sitting. This first episode from the new season finds him playing 'Atlantis No Nazo' aka 'The Mystery of Atlantis' for the famicom game system. Check out the other episodes to see if he is ultimately victorious.

Nintendo Sharp Famicom Station AN-560

Nintendo Sharp Famicom Station

Nintendo Sharp Famicom Station AN-560

A Nintendo Sharp Famicom Station AN-560 that's currently listed on ebay. These were made around 1986 to allow people to test out different Famicom games, generally in a store. Some of the Famicom Stations were shipped with an attached coin box. Allowing the owner to set the machine to only start on the insertion of a 100 yen coin. This example doesn't have one. To connect the accessories you have to unlock the the front panel via two locks on the top left and a right corners. The Sharp branded Nes style controllers and zapper are internally connected to the system. The Famicom Station can hold up to 15 games and this auction includes 10 games that were built to play on the Famicom Station;

Super Mario Brothers
Makaimura (Ghosts n Goblins )
Argos No Senshi ( Rygar )
Ice Climber
Wild Gunman
F-1 Race

This Famicom Station might be priced out of the market with a $1,000 Buy it Now plus a $200 shipping price from Japan . But it does seem to have some current "Best Offer" activity so we'll see if and at what price point it sells at.

Famicom Station

Nintendo Sharp Famicom Station AN-560 inside

Check it out at: Ebay

For a informative article on the Famicom Station and the very similar Famicom Box visit: Famicom World