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Sega's an internationally known game console brand that saw it's biggest success in the late 80's and 90's. Some of the most popular systems included the 8 bit Sega Master System and the 16bit Sega Genesis. Plenty of used Sega's are out there for you to pick up second hand! Sega benefits from a hardcore fan base of people who grew up with a Sega in their home instead of Nintendo's. Perhaps you never owned a Sega, instead favoring the NES? Now you can pick one up and see what you've been missing all these years!
Sega SG-1000

Sega SG-1000II

Sega SG-1000

Never released in the United States the SG-1000 was available in Japan and Australia starting in '83. Its was Segas first attempt at a home console and wasn't very popular at the time. Several versions were sent to market including the SG-1000 II and the Sega Mark III (SG-1000M3). Having never been available in the US market finding the SG-1000 in the states is pretty hard. You might consider checking out Yahoo Auctions in Japan to locate one or Ebay Australia, although it is still rare even there. Good Luck.

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Sega Master System

Sega Master System

The Master System made it to US markers in 1986, as a 8 bit system it competed with the likes of the Nintendo Entertainment System. This system saw more success in Europe than in the United States. Prices vary depending on included games and accessories but you can pick up a bare bones Master System for as little as fifteen dollars.

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Sega Master System 2

Sega Master System II

1990 saw the release of the Master System II, a bare bones take on the The Sega Master System. Unlike a lot of consoles of this generation this one has a built in game Alex Kidd in Miracle World that you can play without putting a game cart in. This 2nd system lacks a reset button as well as ability to use the 3d glasses add-on.

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Sega Master System Games and Controllers

Sega Master System Games & Controllers

Sega Master System Games For Sale

Sega Master System Controllers For Sale

Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive

This 16 bit system is simply known as the Sega Mega Drive outside the US; Sega could not get the rights to the "Mega Drive" name and was forced to market it under the new name "Genesis". The Genesis ended up selling 30 million systems worldwide making it Sega's most successful system to date. Sonic the Hedgehog boosted sales of the Genesis allowing Sega to surpass Nintendo as the best selling game console in North America for 1991.

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Sega Genesis Games & Controllers

Sega Genesis Games & Controllers

Sega Genesis Games For Sale

Sega Genesis Controllers For Sale

Sega Genesis 3

Sega Genesis 3 Core System

Like many of fourth generation consoles the Sega Genesis was resurrected as the Sega Genesis 3 Core System and re-released in 1997. Marketed as a smaller cheaper version of the popular Sega Genesis, the Genesis 3 system was $20-$50 retail when new. You can find them on ebay now for anywhere from 5 dollars all the way up to 50 bucks depending on condition. This system is pretty bare bones and is extremely light!

Note: The Genesis 3 was released in North America only.

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Sega MegaCD

Sega CD/Mega-CD

This addon for the mega drive/genesis was named Sega CD in North America, else where it was released as the MegaCD add-on. The Sega CD added a CD-rom drive that allowed players to not only play Sega CD games put also use it as a audio CD player. The first version sat under the Genesis and had a front loading tray similar to standard CD trays on computers.

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Sega Mega CD 2

Sega CD 2/Mega-CD 2

The Sega CD 2 was made to go with redesign version of the Genesis/Mega Drive; instead of sitting below it moves to the right side and becomes much smaller in profile and lighter in weight. The cd tray is also gone replaced with a top loading door similar to what you see on cd walkmans.

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Mega CD Games

Sega CD Games & Controllers

Sega Mega CD Games For Sale

Sega Mega CD Controllers For Sale (SEE Sega Genesis or mega driver controllers)

Sega Plug & Plays

Theres actually a fair number of Sega based Plug-n-play games out there! Some are still in production although many are not. Like many smaller plug-n-play systems the controller plugs directly into your tv. The one that best mimics Segas look would be the Sega Genesis Radic; it not only has a controller that is similar it also has a mini console as part of the set up...
Sega Genesis Radica

Sega Genesis Radica

You may also hear it called the Sega Mega Drive 6-in-1. There's at least seven versions of this one out there. They all have a similar looking controller but vary on the number and types of games. Look to spend $5-$20 depending on the version.

The Sega Genesis Arcade Legends volume II is similar to the first but has a red controller and has the following games.

Sega Genesis Radica For Sale

sega plug n play

SEGA Plug and Play System

The Sega plug and Play was made available on the Home Shopping Network, contains 20 games and styles itself off of Segas much beloved mascott Sonic the Hedgehog. It costs $20 plus shipping .

Included Games: Sonic Blast, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic Spinball, Sonic Triple Trouble, Alex Kidd-In Miracle World and High Tech World, Ecco The Tides of Time, Alex Kidd The Lost Stars, Ristar, Psycho Fox, Penguin Land, The Ninja, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Astro Warrior, Columns, Fantasy Zone The Maze, Dragon Crystal and Super Columns

Other Sega Plug and Play Systems For Sale

Other Sega Plug-n-Plays

-Sonic & Knuckles, Sega Genesis, Tv Plug and Play Game, Twin Pad

-Sonic Chaos & Spinball TV Video Game System

-Sega Genesis Outrun 2019 Plug n' Play Video Game System.

Sonic the Hedgehog