USB reader for SNES, Famicom and Genesis Game Carts

Interesting upcoming USB reader for classic console games. This usb cart reader gives you the ability to load original game carts (SNES/Genesis) onto your pc and play them. A legal way to play your used carts on a computer without having to go find a rom version online. This could also be used to back up your progress before a battery replacement. Neat. will be keeping an eye on this product and follow its ongoing development.

Some planned features of the snesga:

• Cartridge reader for *SNES and *SEGA *Genesis games.
• SRAM feature: Reading/writing of *SNES savegames
• Driverless operation under all halfway modern operating systems
• (planned) Extension pins for retrofitting up to four *SNES/*NES controller connectors
• Support for future firmware updates
• Aluminum or plastic enclosure with logo print.
• Pricing: max. USD 90 / EUR 75; probably cheaper.
• Estimated delivery: December 2009


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