Super Star Wars Comes to Wii Virtual Console

Super Stars Wars for the Wii

Super Stars Wars for 800 points

The first of a series of star wars games for the SNES Super Star Wars has finally made the long trip onto the Wii virtual console.  Originally released mid 1992; the game featured Luke and his journey from Mos Elis to the trench run on the death star. From what I remember when I first bought the game in 92, it was not the most forgiving game and several levels had its share of bottomless pits to stumble into. All three games shared a similar art style and pulled from the Star Wars universe pretty successfully. had this to say about re-releasing these titles:

Fans of Star Wars and classic Nintendo games will want to keep an eye on their Wii Shop Channel for the next month. Nintendo will be releasing multiple LucasArts favorites for Virtual Console, starting today with Super Star Wars. In the coming weeks, both Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi will be added to the Virtual Console lineup. All three Super Star Wars games were originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and will be available at 800 Wii Points each.

Here's what some reviewers had to say back in the day.

What a completely awesome game! JVC/LucasArts sure know how to program. This game lives up to its expectations all the way. Just wait till you see the incredible mode 7 scenes, they'll make you dizzy. And, you'll be blown away by the music. Super Star Wars is awesome.

-GameFan Magazine

Super Star Wars makes full potential of its licence and the end result is the best-looking, most impressive sounding and playable movie tie-ins ever seen on the Super NES.

-Nintendo Magazine System UK

Force C3PO to watch some Jawa killing.

Force C3PO to watch some Jawa killing.

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