Snake’s Revenge – Tiger Electronics Handheld

Snake’s Revenge - Tiger Electronics Handheld

This 1990 LCD hand held Game made by Tiger Electronics somewhat mirrors the Snakes Revenge NES title released the same year. Part of the Tiger Electronics "Game Talk" series in which bits of very simple dialog are inserted into the gaming experience. Commando Nick Myer will call you on your transceiver with hot game hints like; " Tank ahead use a missile!" Or John Turner will call you randomly and ask " Are you Ok? "

The artwork around the LCD screen was pulled from the images found on the NES games Box and Label. The game features 8 stages that will find you fighting enemy soldiers, grenadiers, tanks, Metal Gear 1's and a Metal Gear 2. Stealth game play is replaced with a more run and gun style.

Equipment layout

H&K MP5 Machine Gun - Use against the enemy soldiers.
Missiles - Use against the Tanks.
M67 Grenades - Use against the grenadiers.
Plastic Explosives - Open doors and passages you can't otherwise access.
Truth Gas - Couldn't get this to work. But I think you some how use it on the "Bad Guys" clad in black that you find behind the doors.
Rations - Heals Life.
Pass Cards - Opens locked doors.

Its a Rarer Tiger Electronics game to find. Only one on ebay at the time of this post and its listed at a Buy it Now for $250, ouch. Last one I saw sell on ebay was around 75$.


Snake's Revenge NES Cart and Tiger Handheld

Snake's Revenge NES Cart and Tiger Handheld

Snake's Revenge Tiger Hand Held

Snake's Revenge Tiger Electronics

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