On eBay: 1989 Original Nintendo Game Boy Store Demo Countertop Kiosk

Nintendo Game Boy Store Demo Kiosk

Nintendo Game Boy Store Demo Kiosk

over on ebay has this neat Gameboy Demo Kiosk up for sale. Buy it Now is set at $1,299.95. Some yellowing and slight cosmetic damage is present. The listing states that the seller is open to offers and will give a discount for those that would do local pick up. Seller is located in Oswego, NY.

Looks like it would make a nice, functional, center piece for you gameboy collection.

From the eBay listing:

You are bidding on an original Game Boy store demo kiosk. I believe the unit started appearing in stores at the debut of the Game Boy system. This came from a Toys R Us, I purchased it a couple of years ago from a friend who worked there. It has been in storage for a couple of years, but I pulled it out the other day and tested it, and it still works like it did when I got it. The kiosk was originally set up to demo an original Game Boy system, but the original Game Boy has been replaced with a silver (well-played) Game Boy Pocket and Super Mario Land 2. The decals on the front are advertising the Game Boy Pocket, however I believe the original decals are right underneath the Game Boy Pocket decals and it actually seems like you could remove the Pocket decals with some care if you wanted to display the original ones. The Pocket decals have some bubbling and wear but are still firmly applied to the plastic.

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