On eBay: Pocky & Rocky Prototype for the SNES

pocky rocky prototype1

Pocky & Rocky sample cart for sale on ebay. From the listing:

Selling a Pocky and Rocky cart, one of the very first ever made. When you go to the opening menu it flashes "SAMPLE NOT FOR SALE" on it. As you can see the front of it has some scuffs/scratches but the back doesn't have that type of damage. But it does have is what looks to be a old 90's price tag. I could have removed the old price tag and replaced the front cover with a fresh looking shell but I wanted to preserve the integrity and originality of the original shell, and leave it to the purchaser whether he would like to replace it to make it look brand new or not. I also have not cleaned the pins, as you can tell in the photos, again I wanted to leave that option to the buyer, but it has worked first try every time. This game does not have a save function, but it has a battery in the battery slot. I have tested the battery with a voltmeter and it still holds a great charge.

Current buy it now at $599 US.

Check out the listing!

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