Nintendo M82 Store Demonstration Console

Here we have a rare Nintendo M82 store demonstration console that has been modified. These were originally used in a game store to show off multiple NES game titles with a TV console sitting on top.3,500 buy it now but best offer is available. Would make a neat addition to your classic Nintendo themed game room. Check out the listing!

From the listing:

First if you don't know what the m82 is you may want to read it's wiki. In a nutshell it's a store display unit so kids could try out 12 different NES games.
This is one of the rarest and most collectible NES consoles ever made!!!
It has some limits though as it was designed to only run some of the more simple NES games and also was designed to only let kids play for so long.
That's where this m82 sets itself apart from all other m82's!
This one has been modded to make it more usable as a regular NES and upgraded to make it live a longer life.
The power supply has been upgraded, the Nintendo ASIC control chip has been modded, and the video output now has rgb, svideo, and composite as well!
The original power supply blew up while modding so a new one has been installed. I will not fix the original and instal it, but I will send it with the m82 if you really want it.

The ASIC replacement was made by Kevtris and is the new heart of this machine.
It has 4 main functions.
1. It disables the play time limit!! Instead it uses the time limit switch to change how long each game is shown in attract mode.
2. Attract mode is a bit different, at power up it shows the main intro then moves to the first cart and lets it cycle for either 10, 20, 30, or 50 seconds depending on the switch setting in the back.
3. It disables check of the CIC chip so each cart slot is selected weather or not a game is there. This allows it to play unlicensed carts like a top loader would.
4. The select button up front is easier to use, hit it and it selects the next game, hold it and it will flash 3 times and selected cart will reset on release, VERY useful!

The NESRGB upgrade is nothing new, but this is most likely the only m82 to ever have the mod done to it.
If you would prefer the stock video I can remove the nesrgb mods. The original composite and RF outputs will not work with the nesrgb installed.
Audio is not hooked up yet as this will be your choice of mods, original dual mono, nesrgb dual mono, stereo all the time, stereo with switch.
You will also need to let me know what palette selection option you'd like, 3 position toggle, 2 position slide switch, or set to one palette all the time.

Lastly there is another fix that will allow games that use IRQ to work, like super mario 3.
I will make one cart slot work, most likely slot 1, if you want it done, but if you want them all done I will have to get Kevtris to mod it further and there may be an extra charge.
Some games simply will not work with the m82 no matter how much it's modded, it's design limits this.
Four screen games like gauntlet cannot be made to work and i'm not sure games that save will work correctly either.

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