On eBay: Lot of 144 Nintendo Entertainment System Game Cartridges and a NES Console


A lot of watchers on this auction. Starter NES collection. Nes system and 144 Nes games currently for auction on ebay. 37 watchers and the currently 37 bids at $610.00, reserve has not been met. $1,150.00 Buy it Now set. About a day left to place a bid.

From the listing:

Selling off parts of my overall collections to raise money for my parents' medical bills. This one hurts, though. Selling off my semi-started NES collection. This lot comes with the deck, RF and power connections, controllers, zapper, power pad, and 144 cartridges. I say "cartridges" instead of games because some of these are the same game, but have label variants or have a 5 screw and a 3 screw version. Some of these also have manuals, and a few random ones have dust covers.

NES Game list from auction:

10 Yard Fight (Cart / 5 screw)

1943 (Cart)

720 (Cart)

After Burner (Tengen) (Cart)

Air Fortress (Cart)

Alien Syndrome (Tengen) (Cart)

Anticipation (Cart)

Astyanax (Cart)

Athletic World (Power Pad) (Cart)

Baseball (Cart)

Bases Loaded (Cart)

Bases Loaded 2 (Cart)

Blades of Steel (Cart)

Breakthru (Cart)

Burgertime (Cart / 3 screw / 5 screw)

Captain Skyhawk (Cart)

Clash at Demonhead (Cart)

Cobra Triangle (Cart)

Codename Viper (Cart)

Commando (Cart)

Conquest of the Crystal Palace (Cart)

Crystalis (Cart)

Cybernoid (Cart)

Dance Aerobics (Power Pad) (Cart)

Defender 2 (Cart)

Destination Earthstar (Cart)

Dick Tracy (Cart)

Donkey Kong Classics (Cart)

Double Dragon II (Cart)

Double Dribble (Cart)

Dr. Mario (Cart)

Dragon Warrior (Cart)

Duck Hunt (Gun Required) (Cart)

Elevator Action (Cart / 5 screw / 3 screw)

F-117 Stealth (Cart)

Faxanadu (Cart)

Friday the 13th (Cart)

Gauntlet (Tengen) (Cart)

Gauntlet 2 (Cart)

Ghosts 'N Goblins (Cart)

Goonies 2 (Cart)

Gyromite (Cart / 5 screw)

Gyruss (Cart)

Hogan's Alley (Gun Required) (Cart)

Hoops (Cart)

Hunt for Red October, The (Cart)

Ice Hockey (Cart)

Ikari Warriors (Cart)

Jackal (Cart)

John Elway's Quarterback (Cart)

Karate Champ (Cart)

Karnov (Cart)

Kirby's Adventure (Cart)

Kung Fu (Cart / 3 screw / 5 screw)

Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (Cart)

Legendary Wings (Cart)

Legends of the Diamond (Cart / Manual)

Life Force (Cart)

Little Nemo (Cart)

Low G Man (Cart)

Mach Rider (Cart / 5 screw)

Mad Max (Cart)

Magic Johnson's Fast Break (Cart)

Magic of Scheherazade (Cart / Manual)

Major League Baseball (Cart)

Maniac Mansion (Cart)

Marble Madness (Cart)

Mario Brothers (Cart)

Marvel's X-Men (Cart)

Metal Gear (Cart)

Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! (Cart)

Millipede (Cart)

Monopoly (Cart)

NES Open Golf (Cart)

Pac Man (licensed) (Cart)

Pac Man (Tengen) (Cart)

Paperboy (Cart)

Pinball (Cart / 5 screw)

Play Action Football (Cart)

Pool of Radiance (Cart / Manual)

Predator (Cart)

Pro Wrestling (Cart)

Quattro Sports (Cart)

R.C. Pro-Am Racing (Cart)

Rad Racer (Cart / 5 screw / 3 screw)

Rad Racer 2 (Cart)

Ring King (Cart)

Rock N' Ball (Cart)

Rocketeer (Cart)

Rygar (Cart / 5 screw)

Short Order/Eggsplode (Power Pad) (Cart)

Silent Service (Cart)

Skate or Die (Cart)

Slalom (Cart / 5 screw)

Solstice (Cart)

Spy Hunter (Cart)

Star Force (Cart)

Super Glove Ball (Cart)

Super Mario Brothers (Cart / 5 screw)

Super Mario Brothers 2 (Cart)

Super Mario Brothers 3 (Cart)

Super Mario/Duck Hunt (Cart)

Super Mario/Duck Hunt/Track Meet (Cart)

Super Off Road (Cart)

Super Pitfall (Cart)

Superman (Cart)

Swords & Serpents (Cart)

Taboo The Sixth Sense (Cart / Manual)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Cart)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (Cart)

Tetris (Nintendo) (Cart)

Tetris 2 (Cart / Manual)

Three Stooges, The (Cart)

Tiger Heli (Cart)

Tiny Toons Adventures (Cart)

Top Gun (Cart)

Top Gun 2 (Cart)

Total Recall (Cart)

Track and Field (Cart / 5 screw)

Twin Eagle (Cart)

Vice Project Doom (Cart)

Volleyball (Cart / 5 screw)

WWF Wrestlemania (Cart)

Wheel of Fortune (Cart)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Cart)

Winter Games (Cart)

World Class Track Meet (Power Pad) (Cart)

World Games (Cart)

Yoshi (Cart)

Young Indiana Jones (Cart)

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