5 Zapper Games for the NES You Might Not of Heard Of

There's more to the classic NES Light gun Zapper controller than shooting ducks and clay pigeons! Here's five games you can pick up used that will get you shooting your tv all over again. The top five best NES Zapper games you might have missed the first time around.

5) Gotcha! The Sport!
1987 LJN

Coming in at number five is Gotcha! The Sport! which is based on paintball and features . Capture the Flag of the other side to advance in levels. The game also needs the use of a standard controller so it's possible to involve a second player in the Gotcha! action. Three themes of level are repeated with an increase of speed.

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4) GumShoe
1989 Nintendo of America Inc.

A ex-FBI agent Mr. Stevenson constantly moves towards the right side of the screen straight into danger. Shooting him will cause him to jump and not cost you ammo. To succeed you  must shoot enemies and obstacles to help clear the way for Mr. S and help him snag red balloons for more bullets if he's to have any hope of seeing his kidnapped daughter ever again!

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3) Mechanized Attack
1990 SNK

With the best looking box art of the five, Mechanized Attack was a arcade game first that then made its way to the NES in 1990. You have to fend off waves of soldiers and robots with a final battle with "Mother Brain". If you liked Operation Wolf you'll enjoy this shooting gallery game.

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2) To The Earth
1989 Nintendo of America Inc.

If your looking for a light gun challenge To The Earth will fit the bill nicely. You have to avoid hitting friendly ships while you blast away enemies, asteroids and other dangers. Each missed target will damage your shields and makes the occasional shield power-up that more important. Many people consider this to be the most challenging zapper game released.

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1) Chiller
1990 American Game Cartridges, Inc.

When Chiller the arcade game was orginally released it ended up being banned in the UK because of "gratuitous violence". You could shoot off limbs of people chained up and blow off chunks of flesh. Some of this is taken out of the NES version (The flesh chunks) but retains a creepy feeling. This Zapper Game touts 2 player Zapper goodness, although you have to take turns. Sadly there isn't any simultaneous multi-player zapper games due to the way the NES tracks the light gun. Not as common as many zapper games this unlicensed Chiller port is one to keep an eye out for.

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