1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge sells for $20,100

Nes Campus Challenge Cart

Nes Campus Challenge Cart

JJgames on ebay auctioned off the one of a kind 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge NES cart at the start of this month. After 48 bids the auction ended at a whopping $20,100. Quite a interesting story reading through the Wiki info. If only we could all be so lucky and find something like this at a garage sale.

Via: jjgames , Wiki

Wiki Info:

The official event gave player 6 minutes and 21 seconds to play in the contest, which is divided up into three minigames. The first minigame of the competition is to collect 25 coins in Super Mario Brothers 3. The next minigame is a version of Pin*Bot where players must get 100,000 points. The final minigame is Dr. Mario and this lasts until time expires. Once time does expire, a player's score is totaled using the following formula:
Super Mario Bros. score times 10
+ PinBot score
+ Dr. Mario score times 100

There is only one known copy of the 1991 Campus Challenge cartridge in existence. The game was found by a video game collector, Rob Walters, at a garage sale in New York [1] in 2006. The game sold for $14,000 in July 2009[2] After 3 months the game was resold on ebay for $20,100.00.[3]


Last minute bidding on the 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge Ebay Auction

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