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Nintendo is a well known Japanese video game company that has been making consoles since the late 70's. Nintendo has proven itself over the years to be a solid game developer that is willing to take some design chances but also hold true to the family friendly experience in both its games and consoles. Both the NES and the SNES proved to be smash hits in both Japan and North American markets. There's a robust aftermarket for nintendo consoles and games; including some pirated versions out there for you to find. Below is an overview of Nintendo systems up to the classic Super Nintendo.
Famicom Console

Nintendo Famicom

Family Computer Console

Released in 1983 the 8 bit Famicom was Nintendos first try at a home gaming console. It featured popular arcade games like Donkey Kong and within a year became a hit with the Japanese. The controllers are hardwired to the console and one has a built in microphone that was not used much by games.

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Famicom Console Top Loader

Famicom Console AV Version

As with the American version of the top loading NES, the Famicom version sports many of the same design elements. There is some differences including the lack of a hump for the game slot and the dual hinged slot cover which is more similar to a SNES in that respect. This console also came with two dogbone controllers, instead of just one. Several technical differences also further separate it from its North American counterpart.

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Famicom Games and Controllers

Nintendo Famicom Games and Controllers

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Famicom Controllers For Sale

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Released in 1985 for the US market, the NES went on to become one of the best selling video game consoles of all time. Easily surpassing 61 Million units sold during its production run. For a lot of people this 8-bit console is one of their fondest childhood gaming memories.
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Nintendo Entertainment System
Top Loader (NES 2)

This NES redesign was released in North America in 1993 and retailed for around $49.99. The redesign fixed some of the flaws of the original Nintendo Entertainment System and added a new style of controller know commonly as a Dogbone Controller. (see below) The 10NES authentication chip that was the cause behind many a non-working nes was also removed.

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NES Games and Controllers

Nintendo NES Games and Controllers

The NES has a large library of games that some have stood the test of time better than others. Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo is one of the best selling video games of all time. Other classics include Duck Hunt, Contra & Double Dragon.

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Several types of Nintendo controllers exist for the NES; including the popular zapper, larger gamepads like the NES Advantage and others that include extra turbo firing buttons.

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NES Dog Bone Controller
The redesigned NES controller came new with the NES 2 system. Most commonly know as the "dogbone"controller because of its shape. The US NES2 systems came with only one. The Japan version had two. Alot of resellers take these off of top loading nintendos and sell them separately to get a higher price for them.

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Super Nintendo Console

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

This was Nintendo's answer to the 16-bit Sega Genesis. Nintendo would eventually go on to win the 16-bit wars and claim a large share of the market. Most people remember buying this console packaged with the game Super Mario World. It was quite a visual leap from the NES and its 8-bit sprites to the 16-bit Mode 7 graphics of the SNES.

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SuperNES Mini

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini (SNES 2)

Around 1997, at the end of the SNES consoles run Nintendo released this "Mini" Snes system. The SNES 2 has less video output options than its predecessor and a redesigned power and reset button. Also known as a SNES 2.

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SNES Games and Controllers

Super Nintendo (SNES) Games and Controllers

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Super Famicom Console

Nintendo Super Famicom

The Japanese version of the SNES. Check for region lockouts for games you own before you purchase a system so you're not disappointed when you can't play them.

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Super Famicom Jr.

Nintendo Super Famicom JR.

Japanese version of the SNES 2. This 16 bit system was called the Super Famicom Jr. You can find some people in Japan willing to import these on ebay. Buying one is going to cost you alot more than the US version though.

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Super Famicom Games and Controllers

Super Famicom (SNES) Games and Controllers

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Nintendo Knock Offs

Where to begin...The NES & SNES Systems are popular systems to knock off and over the years many companies have wanted to cash in on Nintendo's popularity and wannabe systems have flooded the US and overseas markets. They sport names like FC Twin and Neo Fami. They tend to be less expensive and sometime more reliable than a 25 year old system.Some even have additional video output options. I'm writing a guide for these Nintendo clone consoles and will link it here when I do.
Retro Duo For Sale

Retro Duo System

Around 1997, at the end of the SNES consoles run Nintendo released this "Mini" Snes system. The SNES 2 has less video output options than its predecessor and a redesigned power and reset button. Also known as a SNES 2.

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Yobo FC System

Yobo FC Nintendo System

Yobo came to the US in '05 and The yobo comes in several color schemes include a sliver version and a bluw/white one. Most American games will work on a Yobo but games that have additional hardware in the cart may not.

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