Nintendo Mini Classics Revisit Game&Watch Titles

Nintendo Mini Classics

Nintendo Mini Classics

These may look like some kind of off-brand smashed up game boy but these titles are pulled from the classic game & watch series popular in the 1980's. Each game has a keychain and small plastic stands come out the back so you can prop these minis up on a desk.

There are currently three classic titles to choose from at this UK based gadget site:

Super Mario Bros: Insane leaping between side-scrolling platforms or a nailbiting race to rescue a princess? Probably both.

Donkey Kong Jr: An arcade classic in which you help the son of an ape unlock padlocks by jumping between vines.

Mario’s Cement Factory: This classic platformer sees the iconic  mario attempting to prevent containers of cement overflowing. Perhaps he wasn't making enough plumbing and needed to pick up some factory work.

If you look on sites like ebay you'll see other titles including soccer, racing and other games in the series. Prices range from 2.50 to 25 dollars for these classic remakes.

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Mario Nintendo Mini Classic

Mario Nintendo Mini Classic

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