Video Game Treasure Hunting

Most of us can recall scoring a great deal at some garage sale or flea market, some game you've been looking for or a complete console with games in some dusty old box for five bucks. I recently got a hold of a SNES2 with both controllers and a few games, a 3DO with controllers and some misc. cords for $10 at a garage sale. What was amusing was the kids were arguing with the mother about how much to price it for. They wanted 50 bucks for it but the mother didn't believe it was worth that much.

This blogger recounts making extra cash in Sydney by buying old games and reselling them on ebay.

Usually the (predominantly Atari 2600) games I was buying for a dollar or two would sell for $5-10 each, but some overseas buyers liked the uniquely (but common) Australian cartridges from veteran distributor Home Entertainment Suppliers and would pay even more, while particularly rare, pirate or prototype cartridges could attract a motza.


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