Classic Gaming Craigslist Wednesdays or CGCW

Classic Gaming on Craiglist

Classic Gaming on Craiglist

Today we're taking a look at some classic gaming systems and games that have come up on craigslist around the US this past week. Ebay has become a pricing source for many of these sellers and they aren't afraid to ask top dollar for that box of sega genesis carts with some cat pee stains on labels.

1) Huge Game Lot!!! RARE Games!! Trade for Ps3!! (Berkeley CA)

Nintendo Nes, Super Nintendo,N64, Sega, and Sega Dreamcast game Lot for sale!!!! Many games!!! Leave me a email ill respond fast!!! No seperate sales please!!! Only as lot! Dragon Warrior Series Alone is worth 200 on ebay!!!! Many Gems! Trade for a Ps3 Bundle (no 40 gigs) or Ps3 with some cash! Amazing Collection to start with for gamers!! about 880 dollars adds up the lot!!!! I will price them individually so you can tally it up!! Will let it go for 850 or trade!!! Please dont email me sayin its not worth that much cuz it is!!! Look it up!!

Starts by calling a FC3 Yobo RARE, then lists prices for each item but will only sell as a lot for $850 or a PS3 and some cash. Some good games in there though. Dragon Warrior NES 1-4.

Used SNES with Mario All Stars

Used SNES with Mario All Stars

2) SNES - Super Nintendo & Games (Mario World & All Stars + More !) - $50 (Plano TX)

I always feel bad for those poor snes systems that have not aged gracefully, either by being in too much sun or smoke filled homes or just plain unlucky. Slap a paper bag over it and enjoy Super Mario All Stars while thinking about your NIB system?

4 Switch Atari and Games

4 Switch Atari and Games

3) 103 Atari 2600 Cartridges Plus Original 1979 4-Switch Game System!!! - $175 (Flatiron NY)

I had originally intended to grow my collection of these wonderful games, but my hobby time has been usurped by my rekindled interest in comic books, so alas, I have decided to sell my prized early video games. If only there were more hours in the day!

Perhaps another way to go would be buying video games based on comic books and kill two birds with one stone?

$20 NES with 7 games, no controllers

$20 NES with 7 games, no controllers

4) Original NES and N64 - $40 (Redford MI)

NES does not have controllers but you can get them at any gaming store or online for really cheap!
everything for $20 bucks!

Not bad price for an nes and 7 games. Does have Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Sans Controllers.

4 NES Guns, Now your playing with power!

4 NES Guns, Now you're playing with power!

5) NES/SEGA HUGE BUNDLE - $100 (downtown orlando FL)
The seller is kinda right about the bundle thing; being on that blanket I can see wrapping it up into a hobo bindle thing for a quick transaction. Somethings also little off with the whole zapper to system ratio. Some Power Ranger games help keep things interesting. Hey wait a minute is this another sans controller nes?

4 Nintendo Guns
1 Sega Genesis
1 Playstation controller
1 Sega Genesis controller
1 Nintendo 8-bit

Check back next week for more CGCW. Or Random Crap From Craigslist RCFC?

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