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VEC9 – Vector Arcade Game Trailer

Awesome looking vector arcade machine made by the folks over at

In 1984, a top-secret Soviet initiative launches Russia's final attempt to win the space race AND the cold war.

Its codename: VEC9.

Nuclear-powered laser-armed bombers are stationed in orbit, their pilots cryogenically frozen to mask their heat signature. The iron curtain falls. Thirty years later, the last forgotten Soviet radio beacons sputter to a halt. Unable to re-establish contact with the non-existent Soviet Command, Station VEC9 has no choice but to assume that the USSR has been destroyed by capitalist deceit and nuclear fire.

VEC9's mission: to avenge Mother Russia, to punish imperialist aggression, and to destroy tyranny and the American way of life for the safety of the Communist world.


On eBay: Starlight Foundation Nintendo Fun Center Display Kiosk

Starlight Foundation Nintendo Fun Center Display Kiosk

Starlight Foundation Nintendo Fun Center Display Kiosk

This style of Fun Center mobile entertainment unit was produced during the SNES / N64 era for hospitals to allow kids to play video games or watch a VCR tape. The Starlight Foundation partnered with Nintendo and other sponsors to build these mobile gaming kiosks and the charity continues today with mobile dvd / gamecube and Wii units. Visit the Starlight Fun Center Webpage for more info.

The last Fun Center SNES unit sold on ebay a few weeks ago for $250, so this one at $799 will most likely sit until the price comes down significantly. Though I like how the Donkey Kong 64 cartridge was modified with a chain attached to the unit. I wonder if that was a stock mod as the units were made or something added at a later point due to too many lost game cartridges.

Chained N64 Cartridge

Chained N64 Cartridge


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