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Angry Birds Tiger LCD handheld mashup


Stumbled across this fun bit of art from zero lives blog of current day Angry Birds mixed with a classic Tiger Electronics LCD Handheld. Check out the blog for more details at

There is also a sweet Portal 2 Tiger LCD Game mashup.

Uh oh, those pigs are at it again! It's up to you to wipe them out in the
new Angry Birds tm adventure! Dive, peck and crash your way through 60 exciting levels
and get your precious eggs back! Simply aim and fire your bird at your nefarious foes
without losing all your allies. Hit the golden egg and you can unleash the dreaded Golden Eagle! Get angry this summer!


Acclaim 1990 Total Recall Superplay LCD Handheld Game

MC Hammer the Tiger LCD Game

MC Hammer LCD Game

MC Hammer Tiger LCD Game

M.C. Hammer was hot from the late 1980s until the mid 1990s. Performing hit songs like " U Can't Touch This " and even a Saturday morning cartoon called Hammer Man. During the peak of his fame in 1991 Hammer even got his own Tiger LCD Handheld game. A blog post or two pop up around the internet regarding this game when a copy goes up on ebay. Last one that I can see listed on ebay was a new in box copy that had a starting bid at $129.00. The auction ended without getting a bids.

Baseball All Stars Tiger LCD Handheld Game Talk from 1990

Baseball All Stars Tiger LCD Game

Baseball All Stars Tiger LCD Game Talk Series

Baseball All Stars - Tiger Electronics Handheld

This 1990 LCD hand held was made by Tiger Electronics and is a officially licensed Major League Baseball game. With the MLB license came the real All Star team rosters, player uniform numbers and basic stats from the 1989 season. The stats only consist of earned run average for pitchers and batting average for hitters. It should also be noted that during the team selection part of starting a new game there is the option of tweaking the starting line up of your all star squad. The sub feature allows you to move players around in the batting order or bench them for one of the reserves.

I don't have the manual for this game so I'm not sure if the stats factor in at all with your little LCD players in game performance. Such as a slugger being more prone to hit a home run then the reserve pitcher you subbed into the cleanup position.

Nintendo Mini Classics Revisit Game&Watch Titles

Nintendo Mini Classics

Nintendo Mini Classics

These may look like some kind of off-brand smashed up game boy but these titles are pulled from the classic game & watch series popular in the 1980's. Each game has a keychain and small plastic stands come out the back so you can prop these minis up on a desk.

There are currently three classic titles to choose from at this UK based gadget site:

Super Mario Bros: Insane leaping between side-scrolling platforms or a nailbiting race to rescue a princess? Probably both.

Donkey Kong Jr: An arcade classic in which you help the son of an ape unlock padlocks by jumping between vines.

Mario’s Cement Factory: This classic platformer sees the iconic  mario attempting to prevent containers of cement overflowing. Perhaps he wasn't making enough plumbing and needed to pick up some factory work.

If you look on sites like ebay you'll see other titles including soccer, racing and other games in the series. Prices range from 2.50 to 25 dollars for these classic remakes.

Via: ars technica

Find Nintendo Mini Classics on Ebay

Mario Nintendo Mini Classic

Mario Nintendo Mini Classic