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VEC9 – Vector Arcade Game Trailer

Awesome looking vector arcade machine made by the folks over at

In 1984, a top-secret Soviet initiative launches Russia's final attempt to win the space race AND the cold war.

Its codename: VEC9.

Nuclear-powered laser-armed bombers are stationed in orbit, their pilots cryogenically frozen to mask their heat signature. The iron curtain falls. Thirty years later, the last forgotten Soviet radio beacons sputter to a halt. Unable to re-establish contact with the non-existent Soviet Command, Station VEC9 has no choice but to assume that the USSR has been destroyed by capitalist deceit and nuclear fire.

VEC9's mission: to avenge Mother Russia, to punish imperialist aggression, and to destroy tyranny and the American way of life for the safety of the Communist world.


On eBay: Raab Himself’s Custom Dicamillo Tetris Arcade Game

Raab Himself's Custom Tetris Arcade Game

Raab Himself's Custom Tetris Arcade Game

Here's your shot to own a Tetris Arcade Machine handcrafted by Brandon DiCamillo. For the $199.00 Buy it now you will also receive a slice of uncooked turkey bacon and the arcade machine autographed by Raab Himself "chris raab" and a meet n greet with Chris. With some checking it does appear to be from his legit ebay account. If your a die hard fan of Jackass and Viva La Bam then the $199 sounds like a deal to meet Raab Himself and take home his used custom Tetris machine.

edit* Listing didn't last very long. Now showing "This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available." Off ebay sale maybe?

From the listing:

An original mini Tetris Arcade Machine handmade by Brandon DiCamillo (from Jackass and Viva La Bam). Purchased includes an autographed machine along with a meet and greet with Raab Himself (from Jackass and Viva La Bam), plus 1 piece of uncooked turkey bacon!

Machine Measurements:
Screen - 12 inch
Height - 53 inch
Width - 18 inch
Depth - 24 inch
**Purchaser is responsible for transporting the product after sale**