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Nintendo Classic Mini Edition Game List

Nintendo Classic Mini

Nintendo Classic Mini

The NES Classic Edition will be available on November 11th for about 60 bucks. Check out the list of pre installed classic NES games below.

30 Pre-installed games that include;

Balloon Fight
Bubble Bobble
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Double Dragon II
Dr. Mario
Final Fantasy
Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins
Ice Climber
Kid Icarus
Kirby’s Adventure
Mario Bros.
Ninja Gaiden
Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Tecmo Bowl
The Legend of Zelda
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Super Russian Roulette NES Game Kickstarter

Super Russian Roulette is a new zapper party game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that funded on kickstarter. Play a old western version of Russian roulette using your trusty Zapper. Pushing the limits of the the 33+ year old NES gaming system this game includes over 4 minutes of speech in 8KHz Delta Pulse Code Modulation and fully animated cowboy characters. Kickstarter for the game starts at $55 for the base and all the way up to $250 for the Hell Bent for Leather ( Special edition, LTD 100 )

As of 2/28/16
669 backers
$52,070 pledged of $20,000 goal
23 days to go

From Super Russian Roulette Kickstarter page:

"Inspired by the best kinds of bar games (ones with simple rules that become more enjoyable the longer you play), by goofing around, and by my generation’s childlike enthusiasm for that piece of gray plastic, Super Russian Roulette (SRR) is a brand new party game for the NES. One unhinged 8-bit cowboy is prepared to call you yellow, call you crazy, mourn your death, or kick up his boots for the last time. One bullet waits in the light gun’s chamber. You, up to two friends, and The Cowboy take turns passing the pistol, spinning the chamber (or not!), and drinking to your own demise (or not)."

Check it out @ Super Russian Roulette Kickstarter

Angry Birds Tiger LCD handheld mashup


Stumbled across this fun bit of art from zero lives blog of current day Angry Birds mixed with a classic Tiger Electronics LCD Handheld. Check out the blog for more details at

There is also a sweet Portal 2 Tiger LCD Game mashup.

Uh oh, those pigs are at it again! It's up to you to wipe them out in the
new Angry Birds tm adventure! Dive, peck and crash your way through 60 exciting levels
and get your precious eggs back! Simply aim and fire your bird at your nefarious foes
without losing all your allies. Hit the golden egg and you can unleash the dreaded Golden Eagle! Get angry this summer!


VEC9 – Vector Arcade Game Trailer

Awesome looking vector arcade machine made by the folks over at

In 1984, a top-secret Soviet initiative launches Russia's final attempt to win the space race AND the cold war.

Its codename: VEC9.

Nuclear-powered laser-armed bombers are stationed in orbit, their pilots cryogenically frozen to mask their heat signature. The iron curtain falls. Thirty years later, the last forgotten Soviet radio beacons sputter to a halt. Unable to re-establish contact with the non-existent Soviet Command, Station VEC9 has no choice but to assume that the USSR has been destroyed by capitalist deceit and nuclear fire.

VEC9's mission: to avenge Mother Russia, to punish imperialist aggression, and to destroy tyranny and the American way of life for the safety of the Communist world.


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