On eBay: Lot of 144 Nintendo Entertainment System Game Cartridges and a NES Console


A lot of watchers on this auction. Starter NES collection. Nes system and 144 Nes games currently for auction on ebay. 37 watchers and the currently 37 bids at $610.00, reserve has not been met. $1,150.00 Buy it Now set. About a day left to place a bid.

From the listing:

Selling off parts of my overall collections to raise money for my parents' medical bills. This one hurts, though. Selling off my semi-started NES collection. This lot comes with the deck, RF and power connections, controllers, zapper, power pad, and 144 cartridges. I say "cartridges" instead of games because some of these are the same game, but have label variants or have a 5 screw and a 3 screw version. Some of these also have manuals, and a few random ones have dust covers.


On eBay: A bunch of Vintage 80’s Nintendo Wallpaper


Do you have a room in need of Nintendo themed wallpaper? For the buy it now of $1,499 you will receive 13 boxes of Wall covering (750 sqft) and 6 boxes of Borders (30 yd). The sculptured vinyl wallcoverings and walltrim come with a Mario theme and the original sale price sticker of 3.99 a box. Best offer available.

Youtube: POWER OF CHOICE Nintendo Demonstrator Program VHS Tape from 1991

Youtuber Dudaw Dudaw ripped this video from a vhs tape in his collection that was sent to Nintendo employees and retailers to promote Nintendo's latest products during the early and mid-90's.

Quote from the video:

As a Nintendo product demonstrator we would like you to be casual yet professional. Make sure you always wear nice slacks or pants and a nice shirt or blouse. You can also wear sweaters. We would like you to wear the apron as well as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System hat.

Top 10 Facts – The Legend of Zelda

A video from the youtube channel Top10Memes with some interesting facts about the iconic Legend of Zelda game series.

On eBay: Pocky & Rocky Prototype for the SNES

pocky rocky prototype1

Pocky & Rocky sample cart for sale on ebay. From the listing:

Selling a Pocky and Rocky cart, one of the very first ever made. When you go to the opening menu it flashes "SAMPLE NOT FOR SALE" on it. As you can see the front of it has some scuffs/scratches but the back doesn't have that type of damage. But it does have is what looks to be a old 90's price tag. I could have removed the old price tag and replaced the front cover with a fresh looking shell but I wanted to preserve the integrity and originality of the original shell, and leave it to the purchaser whether he would like to replace it to make it look brand new or not. I also have not cleaned the pins, as you can tell in the photos, again I wanted to leave that option to the buyer, but it has worked first try every time. This game does not have a save function, but it has a battery in the battery slot. I have tested the battery with a voltmeter and it still holds a great charge.

Current buy it now at $599 US.

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